Wonder of Garmin Sport Watch


Garmin watches are designed for use in sporting activities like road running and triathlons. Worn at the wrist, these sport watches make use of the Global Positioning System or GPS. There are various models available to suit that complete sports novice who wants to increase their level of an active lifestyle, and seasoned sports champions. They come in models which range from those that can be easily used to those that are more advanced such as those with sports apps built in and it is the best ideal Garmin watch in Singapore.



  1. It helps you to improve your fitness since it tracks and records details such as your consumption of oxygen, the distance and time you have covered, the calories you have burned in the process, your pace and stroke type for swimmers in real time and accurately.


  1. It helps to monitor your training progress against your set workout goals given that it can track your fitness developments to the minutest detail.


iii. It offers safety since you remain in touch with your loved ones through your phone while on the go.


  1. It motivates you to improve your previous day’s workouts through features like a virtual pacer and alerts to get you on your toes if you have been sedentary for some time. Some watches alert you when you have worked out enough to celebrate.


  1. It hones your workout techniques making you run efficiently by providing data on balance, vertical movement, length of your stride and the time taken to contact the ground. This information makes interval training easily doable.


  1. It monitors your heart rate at your wrist. This way you will stick to the safe permissible heart beat range when working out while at the same time know the best heart beat range for favorable workout results.


The Garmin Sport watch from Rack85 will propel your training to the next level. It is user-friendly, very easy to glance while training and simple to navigate. You can use it even in the rainy season as it is waterproof. The information it gathers for you will help you review your progress and plan better for your future workouts. It is a must-have training companion.