What to Take Note of Before Lasik Eye Surgery


There is a plethora of new technologies that are coming out that have improved daily life. One of them is

lasik eye surgery. This is not a new invention per say, but it has only recently been such a mainstream success. Before, people were very wary about getting eye surgery in Singapore. Now it seems as though everyone has had it.

One thing to take note of is the risk of having it done again. There is still not a lot of long term research regarding what the actual staying power of the surgery is. Would you be okay with having it done and then twenty years later needing glasses still? This might be a resounding yes to someone who needs the surgery to perform their chosen career. For example, a jet plane fighter pilot might think it is worth the time that one gets to be 20/20. However, others might find that they don’t think this is a great trade off. They might find it expensive to have the surgery and still need glasses in the future.

Another consideration is how you actually do with surgery. Surgery can hurt and there is recovery time. Are you willing to go through this process properly? Do you have the social support in your life where someone will come to the surgery with you so that you do not need to risk exposing your eyes to the light while looking for your cab? These are important considerations because surgery will require you to book time off of work and to rely on others for help, especially with transportation. If you do not have people willing to help you, then you will have to hire a nurse or someone who can stand in.

Lasik eye surgery can be an exciting process. Who doesn’t want their eyes to feel completely regenerated? Just don’t expect to go in without the proper preparation and mentality.