Trends of Smartwatches


The recent smartwatch trends have a taken a full swing as currently, people are keen with these new trends. Something to note is that these smartwatches can do more tasks compared to the regular watches that only tell time. The advancement in technology has resulted in the creation of smartwatches that you act as your trainer as well as your phone. Notably, they are different models that meet everyone’s needs despite your gender. The trends in smartwatches in Singapore have accelerated, and the demand for them is on the rise. The article will provide you with detailed information on the current trends of the smartwatches.

Fossil Sports Smartwatches

Fossil Sports smartwatch is the latest model; it has long-lasting battery life and has enhanced performance that improves the user experience. Additionally, it has a heart rate monitoring feature that keeps the user informed on their heart rate. It also has a GPS that is inbuilt, and above all it is affordable. It is sleek and light weighted meaning that you can wear it at any place even at the gym. It also has six different colors options that have matching bands. The smartwatch has a chip set that allows you to scroll through the menu smoothly and you are in a position to access shortcuts as well as notifications.

Samsung Gear S3 Classic

Notably, with this smartwatch, you are assured that you will never miss an email, text or any notification. The smartwatch delivers information to your phone via Bluetooth. It also has an inbuilt microphone and speaker that you use to answer calls. Gear S3 lets you use Samsung Pay at anyplace instead of carrying your wallet.

Apple Watch Series 2

Apple watch series smartwatch allows you to have access to your iPhone apps and functions when your phone is still in your pocket. By having a glimpse on your watch, you can view alerts and notifications. Additionally, you can navigate and keep records of your workouts using its built-in GPS. Lastly, you are free to walk, run and even cycle with fewer worries as Apple Watch Series gives you information about speed, distance covered and the route you are taking.


Smartwatches are the current trend for gadget lovers. The recent models in the market can perform a variety of functions that are similar to the ones in your phone. Each and every day the technology behind smart watches keeps on advancing with more striking features. Hence always keep yourself to date and acquire the latest model that meets your specifications.