Tremendous Trade Show Ideas: How to Stand Out at Your Next Marketing Event


If you’re planning to attend a trade show soon, there are lots of things you can do to make sure that your booth is noticeable. The right colors and attractions can bring potential customers to your booth and eventually increase your sales. the more appealing your trade show booth is, the more likely it is that trade show attendees will let others know about your company, which can result in more after-show sales. Here are some trade show booth ideas to keep in mind.

Use Webcasting

Live stream your trade show activity, so that those who aren’t able to attend the trade show can see what’s going on. The webcasting feature is also exciting for those who come to your booth. You can ask your team members to “report” from the trade show booth, and interview potential clients to make the webcast more engaging and exciting.

Offer Prizes

A prize wheel, raffle tickets or a money blowing machine are all trade show booth ideas that will keep customers interested. When you offer prizes and incentives for those who sign up for your services or are willing to receive free information about your product, you’re increasing brand awareness and making your trade show booth the one to visit. Be sure to follow up with the attendees who participated in your booth promotion after the show to ask them to review the experience and provide more offers.


Position monitors around your trade show booth to showcase your business. You can record commercials that you’ll use just for the trade show, or interview employees and satisfied customers who are willing to provide testimonials about your company. You can even set up a monitor that will record you interviewing trade show attendees and answering questions about your products and services.

Finally, remember to have lots of marketing items on hand according to Display Choice. Give out mugs with your logo and contact info; you can fill the mugs with candy or a free packet of coffee or tea. Hats, cell phone covers, key chains and pens work great, too. Don’t forget to interact with potential clients as much as possible, and be both professional and attention-getting to ensure your trade show success.