R.I.P. Google+


With Google no longer requiring its millions of users to have a Google+ account to use the many different services that the search engine giant has to offer, the Google+ service itself is essentially in the process of dying. If people wish to use different Google services, all that is required is one of two things: a Google account or a Gmail account.

This also means that YouTube will now revert to being used exclusively through normal Google accounts rather than Google+ accounts. Furthermore, YouTube users will no longer be required to have a Google+ account if they want to comment on a video, upload their own, or even create their own channel.

Bradley Horowitz, the vice president of photos, streams, and sharing for Google, went on record to state while Google got certain things right, they were forced to rethink a few things since many people stated how much more convenient it was to access Google’s services with a single account. Horowitz said that they also realize how much it doesn’t make sense that a Google+ account should be the only form of identity that someone has when using Google products.

Horowitz also says that, in addition, unlike Google+ accounts, normal Google accounts will not be able to be followed or searched by anyone else, as well as offering better options for users to both manage and remove their public Google+ profiles if they wish to do so. This comes off the heels of the identity of a transgender woman being revealed to colleagues who had not previously known that she had undergone gender reassignment surgery.

At the Google I/O event in June, Google Photos was announced, which began the essential dismantling of Google+, as the end of photo sharing and services such as Hangouts through Google+ had further signified this would be happening.

It has since been announced that Google+ will continue to operate as a separate and optional social network. This will involve posts being organized by topics rather than by individuals.