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Trends of Smartwatches

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The recent smartwatch trends have a taken a full swing as currently, people are keen with these new trends. Something to note is that these smartwatches can do more tasks compared to the regular watches that only tell time. The advancement in technology has resulted in the creation of smartwatches that you act as your trainer as well as your phone. Notably, they are different models that meet everyone’s needs despite your gender. The trends in smartwatches in Singapore have accelerated, and the demand for them is on the rise. The article will provide you with detailed information on the current trends of the smartwatches.

Fossil Sports Smartwatches

Fossil Sports smartwatch is the latest model; it has long-lasting battery life and has enhanced performance that improves the user experience. Additionally, it has a heart rate monitoring feature that keeps the user informed on their heart rate. It also has a GPS that is inbuilt, and above all it is affordable. It is sleek and light weighted meaning that you can wear it at any place even at the gym. It also has six different colors options that have matching bands. The smartwatch has a chip set that allows you to scroll through the menu smoothly and you are in a position to access shortcuts as well as notifications.

Samsung Gear S3 Classic

Notably, with this smartwatch, you are assured that you will never miss an email, text or any notification. The smartwatch delivers information to your phone via Bluetooth. It also has an inbuilt microphone and speaker that you use to answer calls. Gear S3 lets you use Samsung Pay at anyplace instead of carrying your wallet.

Apple Watch Series 2

Apple watch series smartwatch allows you to have access to your iPhone apps and functions when your phone is still in your pocket. By having a glimpse on your watch, you can view alerts and notifications. Additionally, you can navigate and keep records of your workouts using its built-in GPS. Lastly, you are free to walk, run and even cycle with fewer worries as Apple Watch Series gives you information about speed, distance covered and the route you are taking.


Smartwatches are the current trend for gadget lovers. The recent models in the market can perform a variety of functions that are similar to the ones in your phone. Each and every day the technology behind smart watches keeps on advancing with more striking features. Hence always keep yourself to date and acquire the latest model that meets your specifications.



Wonder of Garmin Sport Watch

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Garmin watches are designed for use in sporting activities like road running and triathlons. Worn at the wrist, these sport watches make use of the Global Positioning System or GPS. There are various models available to suit that complete sports novice who wants to increase their level of an active lifestyle, and seasoned sports champions. They come in models which range from those that can be easily used to those that are more advanced such as those with sports apps built in and it is the best ideal Garmin watch in Singapore.



  1. It helps you to improve your fitness since it tracks and records details such as your consumption of oxygen, the distance and time you have covered, the calories you have burned in the process, your pace and stroke type for swimmers in real time and accurately.


  1. It helps to monitor your training progress against your set workout goals given that it can track your fitness developments to the minutest detail.


iii. It offers safety since you remain in touch with your loved ones through your phone while on the go.


  1. It motivates you to improve your previous day’s workouts through features like a virtual pacer and alerts to get you on your toes if you have been sedentary for some time. Some watches alert you when you have worked out enough to celebrate.


  1. It hones your workout techniques making you run efficiently by providing data on balance, vertical movement, length of your stride and the time taken to contact the ground. This information makes interval training easily doable.


  1. It monitors your heart rate at your wrist. This way you will stick to the safe permissible heart beat range when working out while at the same time know the best heart beat range for favorable workout results.


The Garmin Sport watch from Rack85 will propel your training to the next level. It is user-friendly, very easy to glance while training and simple to navigate. You can use it even in the rainy season as it is waterproof. The information it gathers for you will help you review your progress and plan better for your future workouts. It is a must-have training companion.



Baby Play Mat & How to Choose a Good One

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When it comes to shopping for baby’s items, there are those things that a parent must include on the shopping list and a baby play mat is one of these items. A baby play mat is a versatile baby item that can be used in many ways such as creating a playing area for the baby, you can also use it as a gym area for the baby. There are various types and designs of play mats on the market but how can you be able to choose the best baby play mat for your little one.

How to choose a good baby play mat

  • The size

The size should be the first factor to consider when selecting your baby play mat. These mats are crafted in different sizes to fit different kids. For example, the size of a mat for a six months old is definitely different from a mat being bought for a two-year-old kid. But if you want a mat that your kid can grow with and use for a long time, ensure that you choose a mat that is large.

  • The colors

Kids start to develop visual sensitivity at the age of six months. As a parent, this is the right time that you should introduce your kids to items that have attractive visuals to help in improving their development. So when choosing a mat, make sure it is crafted with bright colors as this is one way to attract kids to want to come close to the mat and even look at it.

  • The features

The baby play mats are made with different features which include ABC letters, numbers, animals and also the cartoons according to Adertek. The choice of the mat depending on the features will be determined by your kid’s age and likes. If your kid is about 1 and half years, getting an alphabetical mat would be ideal since this is the age where kids start to learn. Also, if your kid love cartoons, look for a mat that has cartoon characters.


A baby play mat is an essential kid’s item that every parent must include on the shopping list. This is because it helps in promoting the growth of the baby’s brain and visual as well


Finding The Perfect Wall Art

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Wall Art

Choosing good wall art does not mean just walking into a gallery or shop and grabbing a few things. Wall art should be chosen carefully as this is something that will hopefully give you pleasure for a long time.

When people think of wall art, many people automatically think of prints or paintings. Sometimes thinking outside the square can make your space something spectacular. Framed mirrors, candle holders that are wall mountable and sculptures all look stunning used as wall art in Singapore, murals may also add a whole other dimension to your room. The important thing here is that you choose something that you love.

Take Your Time

It is important to take your time when you are choosing art for your wall. There is nothing worse than getting a piece home and then discovering that is totally clashes with everything else in your space or just looks plain hideous. Spend some time looking online and visiting galleries and stores. You will have hundreds of pieces to chose from artify.


You will need to make sure that any wall art you choose enhances the aesthetics of your space, not completely wreak havoc with it. Think about colours and styles that would work with the rest of your home or office. If you are unsure about what would be suitable ask for advice from friends, family and even online, but remember, it is you who will need to spend all your time around it in the end so the final decision must be yours.


This is a big part of finding wall art. If you see something that you love but the prices is way out of your budget there is a good chance that it can be found cheaper elsewhere. Well known pictures can often be found as prints and photos can be bought reasonably cheaply online. Lastly, remember framing should not be underestimated. This can completely change the look of any print, photo or other piece of art you have.


Choosing Floral Decor For A Grand Opening

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Grand opening Flowers

A fabulous grand opening actually requires a lot of forethought and a little creativity. Be sure to highlight any huge giveaways or “Grand Prizes” you plan to award during your event. Make a grand opening a family friendly event where all is welcome. There are many attractive designs, styles, and decor to inspire people and attract them to the Grand Opening event. Choosing a few floral arrangements can make any grand opening event stand out in the crowd. Here are a few great tips that will make it easy for you to choose the right flowers for grand opening decor from

  • Choose flowers to match the color of the store
  • Choose flowers that are in season
  • If you are on a decor budget, you shop for those with savings, discounts and sales
  • Choose a bunch to giveaway for guests name drawings, raffle drawing etc.
  • Ask your local florist for some professional advice
  • Don’t be overwhelming, choose other decor to blend in with your flowers
  • Get instruction for DIY to save time and money
  • Wrap bouquets using craft paper
  • Buy flowers based on your budget
  • If you cannot design your own arrangements, choose a low budget florist
  • Choose table cloths to blent with your floral colors
  • Take pics of other events with flowers to inspire your imagination.

Decor for a Grand Opening flowers says that you care a lot about your guests to make your store look lively. In Water flowers provide extravagant flower arrangements for weddings, grand openings, special events and any other occasions. Get a friend or co-worker to help you with the flower decorations. Ask co-worker for some advice about about styles, designs, colors, flower types and more. Mesh material can add great enhancements to floral arrangements and it is rather inexpensive. Search a few online stores for Floral and Decor feature deals and projects to prepare you for the Grand Opening.


Inspiring Top 5 Design Blogs

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We all need regular inspiration and ideas to help us on our creative journey. The Internet is the perfect place to explore, discover and find inspiration but finding those niche blogs that can add a spark to your creative life is sometimes difficult. So with that in mind, we have made a list of five design blogs chosen for their inspiring and cool design tips and ideas. Ideas to jump-start your own journey to create or achieve what you want in life. We have also written a bit about why we love these blogs and how they inspire and inform our own thinking.

  1. Apartment Therapy

“Helping people make their homes more beautiful, organized and healthy by connecting them to a wealth of resources, ideas and community online.”

The blog Apartment Therapy (UK link) is brimming with ideas for indoor as well as outdoor projects. We love to read their style tips and to choose from their wide selection of awesome DIY ideas.

  1. Hop Interiors

“Eye Candy for the Interior Hungry”

We enjoy Hop Interiors because it explores fun ideas that you can adapt to transform your home.

  1. Fabric of my Life

“Online scrapbook of inspiration”

We are intrigued by the mixture of international styles in the blog Fabric of my Life. You find everything from trendy colourful Japanese design to understated elegant Scandinavian furniture.

  1. Inhabitat

“Green design is good design

Good design is green design”

If you want inspiration for eco-friendly, sustainable and stylish designs then Inhabitat with its focus on future designs is perfect.

  1. Design Squish

Art + Design + Nature + Lifestyle

The blog Design Squish has inspirational nature photography. You find everything from wooden puzzle toys to lamps made from mushroom mycelium in this blog filled with sustainable ideas.