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Marine boiler

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Marine Boiler

A marine boiler is a closed pressure vessel used on ships whereby water is heated then steam is generated and the unit is so arranged that the generated steam accumulates in it. It provides heating to the main diesel propulsion engine, to the bunker FO tanks, so as to reduce the viscous nature for easy ignition and transfer purposes. A boiler is an important component of any ship irrespective of the kind of propulsion.

How a Marine Boiler Works

A boiler has a simple arrangement of internal components. The main function of the marine boiler is to produce steam at high pressure. Feed water that is introduced to the drum of the boiler uses heat energy from burnt fuel. The heat energy from burning fuel is then store as steam at high pressure and temperature. The fuel burns in a chamber in the boiler. Air is introduced in the combustion chamber so as to achieve complete combustion and high efficiency. The air is introduced through a different arrangement. Heat produced in the chamber is then transmitted to the water fro the drum via an expansive surface area that ensures high energy transmission rate.

Energy produced from the burning fuel has other uses as well. The two main uses are;

  • heating the feed water so as to generate steam
  • superheating steam emanating from the boiler drum

Types of Marine Boilers

Boilers from GIANTECH are of two major types: water tube and fire tube boilers. The two differ in terms of arrangement and design.

Water tube boiler

In a water tube boiler, water is passed though lines of tube where it is heated by the use of a furnace and a burner.

Fire tube boiler

In a fire tube boiler, hot gases pass through tubes that are surrounded by the feed water.

It is important to know how a marine boiler operates.


How To Sell Your Car

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Sell My Car

When it comes to selling your car, especially if you’re looking to purchase a new one, the entire process doesn’t exactly have to be too hard. When you take the time to do just a little bit of research, you’ll find that the selling process can be extremely easy to understand.

Here are the most basic steps that you need to make note of and follow to sell your car in Singapore.

Determine What it’s Worth

For many people, the decision to sell a car depends on exactly how much money they’ll stand to make from the sale itself. Before going through with the process, take the time to determine exactly how much it worth. If it turns out to not be worth as much as you initially thought it would be, then you may want to think about trading it in at a dealership towards a new vehicle instead.

Get All of the Paperwork Together

This is perhaps the most important thing to do ahead of time, because if you wait, it will only make the selling process much more difficult. Depending on the state in which you live, you will need specific documentation; however, you should always be prepared to have the following:

  • *Title
  • *Records involving maintenance
  • *Bill of sale
  • *Release of Liability
  • *Documentation involving the warranty
  • *”As-is” documentation

Prepare the Vehicle

Making sure that the vehicle is clean will make it much more appealing to those who may be potentially interested in buying it. It will also show that the vehicle itself has always been properly taken care of. Prior to taking photos of the vehicle and/or posting an online listing, be sure to perform the following basic maintenance:

  • *Wash/wax the exterior
  • *Clean the tires and their rims
  • *Wash or replace old floor mats
  • *Vacuum the interior
  • *Clean out the ashtrays (if needed)
  • *Wash the windows (both inside and outside)

Take Photos

Once you finish cleaning and detailing your vehicle, it’s important to take as many photos of it as you can in order to advertise it to potential buyers at Oneshift SwiftQuote. A useful tip to make note of is to take shots from multiple angles, which include the following:

  • *Front, rear, and both sides of the exterior
  • *Front/back seats, trunk, carpet, and dashboard of the interior
  • *Engine
  • *Wheels

Find Out Where to Advertise

The best place to look is an online classified service where you can properly advertise your vehicle, and one where you know there will be plenty of potential buyers.

Compose an Ad

This is the best and most important way to attract buyers, and it’s always important to include all of the important details regarding your vehicle. You also need to make sure that your ad is as accurate as possible by including the following information:

  • *Asking price
  • *Mileage
  • *Vehicle condition
  • *Accident/damage history
  • *Upgrades/modifications to the vehicle
  • *Any recent repairs
  • *VIN number
  • *How many owners the vehicle has had

Screen All Potential Buyers

Once your ad has been posted, chances are you will be immediately hit with all sorts of phone calls, emails, etc. regarding it. Be prepared to answer any questions to the best of your ability, and only set up test drives with buyers who are extremely serious about the vehicle. When you screen potential buyers, you’ll also need to make yourself aware of any and all fraud. Prior to setting up an appointment, take the time to do the following:

  • *Ask the full name of the buyer
  • *Tell the buyer which forms of payment you accept
  • *Let the buyer know that you do not accept monthly payments
  • *Find out if the buyer lives in your area

Finalize the Sale

Once the sale has been agreed, the final step is to finalize all of the paperwork. Once you receive payment, take the time to do the following:

  • *Complete the bill of sale
  • *Sign over the title to the buyer
  • *Fill out the Release of Liability
  • *Provide any and all warranty documentation if you’re able to
  • *Give the buyer copies of any warranty documentation
  • *Provide any further transfer paperwork that may be required in your state of residence

Best Office Cleaning Services

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Best Office Cleaning Services

It is important to stress on the benefits of proper cleaning of your office. However, to receive the best services, you not only need to hire the services of a cleaning company but also you should hire one that has certain qualities. Since your office is open to the public, your customers will rate you and your business basing on how clean your office is. Here, we are going to inform you of some of the qualities that you need to look for in an office cleaning services provider in Singapore.

Qualities to look for in an office cleaning services provider

Sometimes you need to hire the services of a professional to do the cleaning of your office for you. Here are some of the qualities of a good company  like Icleaning that provide office-cleaning services:

Established and reliable

The more the company at hand has been in the field the better. This will only prove that the given company has the ability to tackle any problem in your office concerning its cleanliness. The company should also be reliable and be able to respond to any of its client’s emergencies.


The staff of the given office cleaning services provider should be able to work with top quality level of professionalism. They should be efficient in their dealings and attend to the work at hand with minimal errors. The janitors should also receive proper training that will enable them to utilize the high standard of cleaning products available in the market today.

Green and responsible

Maintaining and conserving the environment should be everyone’s duty. In that case, the company you hire to conduct your office cleaning duties should be one that takes environmental issues seriously. Be careful to ask them the kind of cleaning products they use and what measure they are taking to ensure the environment remains green.


There are best office cleaning services available for you to choose in the market today. However, the company you choose should have qualities such as being reliable, professional and environmentally friendly.


5 Tips On How To Choose a Good Chinese Lesson

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Today, learning Chinese has become affordable and in some cases even free. Learning Chinese has become easy since you study the lessons wherever you may be or whenever you want it. Learning Chinese can be fun and at the same time rewarding. What you need to do is choose the best Chinese lesson so that the learning can be great. You will need to choose a good Chinese teacher. Your teacher will determine whether your will be successful and persistent in learning Chinese. It is crucial to select the right lesson to avoid becoming demotivated or giving up. Here are tips on how to choose a good Chinese lesson.

  • Have a purpose

Before choosing a Chinese lesson, it is wise that you have a clear purpose. Learning Chinese requires focused effort and consistent. As such, what you should do first is to identify why you want to learn Chinese. Your purpose for learning will determine your studies and provide you with motivation in the learning process. Also, you can be in a better position to choose the right lesson for you.

  • Pick a teacher who knows Chinese

Not everybody who speaks Chinese can be a good teacher. Even a native speaker of Chinese can lack detailed knowledge of how Chinese works and even how to teach it. Some people have learned Chinese just as a skill. It takes more than a native speaker to be a good Chinese teacher. Therefore, choose a teacher who has experience working with Chinese learners and one who understands how the Chinese language works. Also, the teacher ought to make cross-references.

  • Patience

Learning Chinese  in Singapore can be tough, and it can take you a long time to be fluent in it. Therefore, a good Chinese teacher is one who won’t rush you and one who will always encourage you to keep trying. They should give you room to explain yourself. Choose a tutor who can give additional examples and simple exercise to practice if you think it will be difficult to master the language.

  • Motivation and encouragement

When learning Chinese, you will need a lot of motivation and encouragement. As you learn the language, your teacher should be your source of motivation and encouragement. Pick a teacher who is encouraging so that you can get valuable professional feedback. Makes sure that your teacher can give suggestions and feedback by pointing out your good and weak areas so that you can improve.

  • Teaching methods

A Chinese lesson can only be more interesting if the tutor can mix it up with a variety of audial, visual, and contextual activities. If you have different ways of learning, ensure that your tutor is good at covering each and every aspect of the learning process. A good tutor should employ different ways to get the learning point across. Make sure that the teaching method suits your style of learning.


How to use a Marine Control Panel

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Simply put, a marine control panel is an individual device that is used to determine various important aspects of any given watercraft such as a boat. In most cases, these tools are often designed to provide different types of differing functionalities to make them excellent additions for most watercraft users today. Simply put, the marine control panel is a unique panel that is used to determine the relevant movement metrics of the given water vessel. More so, these panels are often available with different functionalities that make them an essential addition to your water vessel. In fact, traveling through water without a fully functional marine panel might be a challenging task according to Pan Delta Controls.


Using this type of tool is simple and all you simply need to do is to monitor the current metrics indicated on the given panel. While the marine control panel might seem like a relatively simple device to use, it does require the competence and capabilities of an experienced user to navigate the device with optimal results. A significant portion of these tools comes with directional compasses that can be used to determine the correct trajectory of the watercraft especially in demanding conditions. Besides that, some of the higher end marine control panels come with fuel indicators that indicate the amount of fuel remaining in the watercraft tanks. More so, some of the marine panels are used to determine the current speed of the watercraft. For this reason, using these tools often requires some training and experience to master all the displayed functionalities.


Finally, when it comes to navigating your water-based crafts, it’s imperative that you have sufficient insight into using some of the marine control panel systems that are available out there today. It’s important to note that while this equipment might be an important aspect of your vessel, they often have different designs and functionalities as well.


Can’t Find the Perfect Match? Finding the Most Suitable Fit Through Online Free Job Advertising

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Free job advertising sites are great to use for a variety of reasons. Amazing, modern technology that includes computers and the internet makes the process of connecting employers with job seekers easier than ever before. Sites like incorporate a number of features and a wide range of services. The site has everything from setting up a corporate profile to help employees attain the information they need to viewing the application status for jobs including certain projects, which helps employers in the process of coming to a decision related to hiring. Online free job advertising is also an excellent tool whereby companies can save money! Sites like display sensitivity to the needs that organizations have, especially in these days and times, to keep monetary spending at a minimum. The job quest free site makes sure that the job postings are up-to-date for seekers and that the tools needed to hire the right employee are user-friendly. We all want convenient, hassle-free lives, and so the free job advertising sites are excellent models to follow in today’s day and age in terms of helping employers and job seekers efficiently meet their needs.

People who are looking for a job will benefit greatly by saving a great deal of time because they will be able to upload resumes in an active site where employers are always looking for qualified candidates. Special features on allow employees to share needed and detailed information that employers will find helpful to the hiring process. Free job advertising sites in general help with matching potential employees with the best jobs for them as well as connecting employers with a specific category of candidates who best fit the profile of their needs and expectations. Many employment advertising sites include job alerts that notify seekers of various opportunities. People love the simple and convenient, and with a couple clicks of the computer mouse, seekers will be happy with the process as they enter a job title and type in their zip code and are then given a list of of the best matching positions according to that individual’s needs. Therefore the process is made simple for both employees and candidates. If one is stuck on seeking a job through traditional means and faxing a resume to individual companies, such a person could be missing out on the wealth of information offered by a central site that brings employers and qualified candidates together locally as well as from across the country!

So whether you have been looking for a job and have felt frustrated in the search or you are an employer who has had trouble finding the most suitable fit for your position, the best, most efficient and most encouraging route to take is the path of free job advertising sites.


Speech Therapy For Children in Public School

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Speech Therapy-for Children

The decision of whether or not enroll children with speech disorders into public school based therapy or private therapy is challenging. For medical clinics, speech therapy for children are more likely to be eligible for  because it is a medical paid or insured service with more availability. Speech-language specialists work with kids who may be have or display a wide variety of speech disorder issues. Speech-language specialists conducting studies or related communication studies and disabilities like swallowing diagnosis or other digestive functions functions.

Children with mild, moderate or severe:

  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Specific speech impairment
  • Pediatric traumatic brain injury
  • Developmental verbal dyspraxia
  • Cleft palate

Children in Public School Speech Therapy Services

Some children are eligible for receiving speech assessments, therapy and instruction through the public school system. Teleconferencing measures are being used commonly as a way to provide treatment to those in remote locations in private practices that offer therapy. The use of mobile applications is also increasing as a way to provide therapy in the home. Speech therapists often play a part in service teams where a kid has delayed speech or disorder as part of a wider health condition. Because public school therapy services are offered under state guidelines and funds, the process of testing and eligibility is more strict. To qualify a kid for in-school therapy, the kid must meet the state’s criteria on testing and standards. Due to such strict rules some kids may not be tested in an timely manner or their needs may be determined by certain rules. Speech clinic kids are more likely to be eligible for treatment because it is an insured or paid services are open with more availability.

Speech-language specialists work in a variety of clinical and educational settings. Speech-language specialists may also work as part of the support structure in the education system, working in both public and schools that are private, colleges, and universities.


Choosing the right Venues for events

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Venue Rent

For those who are not aware, venues for events are simply special locations that are used to host a special event such as a concert or perhaps live TV show as well. When it comes to choosing the ideal venue for your event, it’s important that you select an area that has ample space for the crowd to interact with the activities of the events. The farm area is an excellent choice since it not only has ample space, but it is also a highly affordable solution as well.

Why is the farm a good choice?

Large enough space

The first important benefit of the farm area for your event is the fact it provides ample space for the crowd to engage with other individuals and it also makes it an excellent place to enjoy the best of the event. Crowded locations are often uncomfortable, and people may even suffer from injuries when adversities such as stampedes occur.


Besides that, another important benefit of farms for rent is the fact that they are affordable as when compared to reserving other location such as football fields for the concert. In most cases, you may need to seek permission from the farm owner or perhaps convince them with some amount of money to allow you to use their resources.

Readily available

More importantly, the farm is also an excellent location since its readily available and doesn’t often entail one to make early reservations. In fact, all you may simply need to do is to find an open farm area that would be ideal for the concert and then seek permission from the owner to use it.


All things considered, choosing the right venues for events is highly important since it is what determines whether the crowd will have an entertaining experience. The added benefit is that the farms are readily available and highly affordable as well.


What to take note of when choosing corporate gifts

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For those who are not aware, corporate gifts are simply special type gifts that are provided to an individual by a company as a sign of appreciation. In most cases, the gifts are often provided to the individuals due purchases they have made on the company products or perhaps or perhaps to top performing employees as well

What to take note of when choosing corporate gifts


Perhaps the most notable aspect to take note of when purchasing the ideal corporate gift is that you have to evaluate the average consumer market pricing of the unit. It comes as no surprise the pricing plays an important role since it is what determines whether the company can invest in the given item for their unique needs


Another equally important factor to consider is the overall quality of the item. To be specific, you want to avoid providing users with the second party owned products that are often in poor condition and may, therefore, fail to satisfy the needs of the user. Quality plays an important role when it comes to determining the level of user satisfaction

Value to the user

Besides that, another important factor for you to consider is that you have to evaluate the overall value that the unit provides to the user. In particular, you want to ensure that the gift has some form of meaningful use for the final user and they can have endless fun with it as well. In this way, they can easily associate having fun with your company brand name for optimal results


Finally, corporate gifts are an excellent strategy for brand manufacturers to demonstrate their appreciation to clients and to also reward those who have made significant investments in their services as well. While choosing the gifts may require special market and consumer knowledge, it’s often a simple procedure as well


Benefits of professional investment advisory services

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Professional investment advisory services are simply special types of services that are provided to prospective business owners or perhaps anyone who wants to kick start their unique business venture. Simply put, professional investment services are meant for those who have a reliable source of finance or resources and may need advice in making an informed decision for earning the ideal profit from their new venture.


Exclusive investment advice

Perhaps the most notable aspect of this type of services is that you are sure of receiving exclusive investment advice for the unique benefits of your business. Simply put, the professional service provider will deliver top quality information to help you in making perceptive choices for your new business investment. This is especially important if you are new to the business world and you need additional advice for your needs.

Affordable services raters

Besides that, another notable aspect of this type of service is that it’s a highly affordable option as when compared to the conventional options that are available out there today on the consumer market. Simply put, whereas you may have to risk the money without the proper advice for your investment needs, the professional service providers lets you gain access to the services at pocket friendly rates.

Satisfaction guarantee

Another notable aspect of this service is that it provides an excellent satisfaction guarantee when it comes to making the best of your resources. The professional service provider like Golden Equator Capital often has sufficient insight and information required for making a good choice for the benefits of their business.


Given all these points, when it comes to improving the quality of your new business and the results as well, its important that you make good choices for your needs. Therefore, an excellent recommendation for you would be to start with the professional investment advisory services for the ideal results each time.