Baby Play Mat & How to Choose a Good One


When it comes to shopping for baby’s items, there are those things that a parent must include on the shopping list and a baby play mat is one of these items. A baby play mat is a versatile baby item that can be used in many ways such as creating a playing area for the baby, you can also use it as a gym area for the baby. There are various types and designs of play mats on the market but how can you be able to choose the best baby play mat for your little one.

How to choose a good baby play mat

  • The size

The size should be the first factor to consider when selecting your baby play mat. These mats are crafted in different sizes to fit different kids. For example, the size of a mat for a six months old is definitely different from a mat being bought for a two-year-old kid. But if you want a mat that your kid can grow with and use for a long time, ensure that you choose a mat that is large.

  • The colors

Kids start to develop visual sensitivity at the age of six months. As a parent, this is the right time that you should introduce your kids to items that have attractive visuals to help in improving their development. So when choosing a mat, make sure it is crafted with bright colors as this is one way to attract kids to want to come close to the mat and even look at it.

  • The features

The baby play mats are made with different features which include ABC letters, numbers, animals and also the cartoons according to Adertek. The choice of the mat depending on the features will be determined by your kid’s age and likes. If your kid is about 1 and half years, getting an alphabetical mat would be ideal since this is the age where kids start to learn. Also, if your kid love cartoons, look for a mat that has cartoon characters.


A baby play mat is an essential kid’s item that every parent must include on the shopping list. This is because it helps in promoting the growth of the baby’s brain and visual as well