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What to Take Note for Baby Swimming Lessons

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Did you know that you can take your baby for swimming lessons at a tender age? Well, although this is can be a nerve wrecking experience for new parents, it is quite easy as long you follow the right tips and guides on how to prepare the baby and many other factors.

The following are the most essential notes to take for baby swimming lessons.

  • Ensure the water is warm

A grown-up can be comfortable swimming in cold water with no effects but when it comes to kids the case is quite different. The pool in which the babies swim should have heated water to about 30 degrees. But if the water is cooler than this, make sure that he or she wears protective swimming costumes such as baby wetsuit to keep them warm in the water.

  • Don’t put them in water immediately they eat

This is actually recommended for all people including the adults. Diving into the water immediately you eat may cause suffocation or complications while in water thus leading to death. Therefore, if your child is less than one year, you should wait for at least 30 minutes after feeding them a bottle before you put them in the water. But if the child is more than one year, you should wait for an hour before.

  • Ensure you have good floaters

You don’t need to be a pro swimmer in order to take your child for swimming lessons since all they need to have is protective gears and they will be good to go. Make sure that you buy quality floaters for your baby and also if you want to dive with your kids, find a comfortable surface in the water to be able to support them when they get to the water.

  • Carry your own changing items

It is advisable that you carry your own changing items especially if you are using a public swimming pool. These areas are used by a lot of people and sometimes they can get really messy. Therefore for your safety and the safety of the baby, carry your changing mat that is washable such that after using it at the pool site you can still wash it at home.