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what make a good Window Blinds

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Window blinds in the most simplistic terms can be defined as the coverings for the windows which control the light entering the house or any other place containing the window blinds.

Types & Selection Of The Window Blinds

There are different types of window blinds for example:

  • The Mini-Blinds as the name implies can be adjusted in terms of the length. These can be used in the kitchens and they are safe for the children as they contain tassels which are child-friendly and even there are options for the cordless so that additional safety can be provided. Thus, these type of window blinds can also be added to the bedroom of the children, one’s very own bedroom or even the workroom. These mini-blinds can be used both indoors and outdoors and apart from that, they require low maintenance in terms of keeping them clean. The slats of the mini-blinds are one inch.
  • Roller Blinds – The next option for selecting the window blinds include the plantation blinds which are also safe for the children and like the mini-blinds can be used in the kitchen, the bedrooms and even the workroom of an individual. These are also easy to clean. These plantation blinds have slats ranging from 2-2.375 inches.
  • The vertical blinds are next in the category which can be used for the windows which are large and can also be used for the sliding doors. These are also child safe and have the slats of 3.5 inches.
  • The Panel tracks are another option which can be used as the window styles when there is a combination of a large and small window. These are also child safe.

Tips On Selection

There are various window blinds available in the market, and anyone based on the preference level of the buyer can be selected which will depend on the theme of the house, the overall furniture and the size of the windows. It is very important that any type chosen should have the child safety feature if there are little kids inside the house.