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Local SEO for Website Owners

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Local SEO is a term that refers to techniques and conceptual frameworks used to make it easy for a prospective client of customers to locate a company or service website that is closest to their proximity and will accommodate their unique search needs. In most cases, people are looking for the particular types of services or products that you sell or provide but they usually do not have a specific provider in mind. At such a juncture, Local SEO services aids the search engines in locating the businesses that can best suit their needs by displaying them on the search results page.

It is, therefore, inherent that you have a domain website that contains all the necessary information related to your services and any other pertinent information. Furthermore, It is also important to implement appropriate SEO techniques to make that information as clear as possible for the search engines.

Major developments

It is vital to note the importance of the key developments that Local SEO has obtained in such a short period and the marked upswings that have occurred:

  • The Pigeon algorithm completely changes because of Google gaining a better understanding of local searches and queries.
  • Late in 2014, the popular software service company known as MOZ published a report on local ranking analytics, the first ever since the debut of the Pigeon algorithm, provides web user some insight on changes in Local SEO. One of the main observations related to local results is the importance of a user’s location when using the search engine.
  • There is a notable change in the search results for some categories such as restaurants and hotels. The conventional images that come with local results have been eliminated, and much more information that is now beneficial is incorporated.

Some of the Local SEO developments you can expect to come across in 2016 include page tagging, local or vocal searches, conversion rate improvements and app store optimization amongst many others.