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The Basics of Link Building

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Link building is one of the most important elements in SEO. The quality of the links leading to a website, and the number of those links, are factors used by search engines for ranking content in search results. It is important to know what type of websites your links should appear on how to go about building those links.

The Best Sites for Link Building

Educational sites and official source sites are considered to be good authority sites for link building, but only when they have some connection with the topics covered by your own website or blog.

The higher a site is ranked and the more traffic it is getting, the more impact it will have for your own site. Your content and its ranking in search results will benefit more if some of the top blogs feature a link to your site, and when your content is linked from high quality sites, it greatly boost your Search Engine Optimization in Singapore.

Three Legitimate Link Building Techniques

  1. Article sites are very popular with website owners who want to increase their SEO. There are a few article sites where links can be placed in the text. Others will permit only one link, which features in an author profile box at the end of every article you submit.
  2. Some directories are little more than link farms, but there are some where it is worth submitting your link. These are business or niche directories where your listing will be a page filled with content relating to your line of business or what is featured on your website. For instance, a niche directory featuring listings of psychics and spiritual healers will give each psychic healer a full page of content, which gives details of services provided, specialist knowledge and techniques, contact details and a link to their website.
  3. Writing blog posts for high ranking blogs is another technique for link building, but it is important to understand that Google can identify guest blogs that have been written only for the purpose of link building. The legitimate way to use guest blogging for link building is to have only genuinely informative content appear in guest posts which show some expertise in the subject. Your link will appear in a brief author profile at the end of each published guest post.

Link Building is Here to Stay

Since Google has started to penalize websites for artificial link building, some people have been scared off from attempting legitimate link building and will no longer consider it as an effective way to increase ranking.

Genuine links to your content will have a beneficial impact on your site’s ranking in search engines and legitimate techniques are used by the most successful SEO experts and online marketing businesses.

Search engines will continue to give a higher ranking to sites with a good number of links leading from authority sites, and from high ranking content, when those links appear on pages with plenty of relevant content.