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First Steps To Ranking On Google With SEO

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Search engine optimization or SEO is an important part of online business. It can be defined as a method to increase one’s position on Google Search. This ranking is significant because many people who search for a certain topic never go beyond page two, most will never go beyond page one. The subject can be very complex, and many persons with new businesses are intimidated by all of the information and rules surrounding it. Happily, there are steps that can be taken to increase page rankings by companies that can’t afford an SEO expert.

1) Keywords and Long Tail Words

A keyword is simply a word that describes what can be found at a site. For example, a freelance writer may choose to use the keyword Author. The big issue here is that some keywords have been used by many large and older businesses meaning that the writer may not have a chance to rank with it as so many others already have.

There are tools such as Google Adwords Keyword Tool or other free keyword tools on the internet. Just enter the word, and it will tell you how popular it is. For a new company, the goal is to find a keyword that has a high ranking without being to high. It is often better for a new business to use long tail keywords. These are simply phrases of more than two words that searchers may use to find what they are looking for in a search. Our writer, for example, may use the long tail freelance article writer. A thesaurus is handy for finding long tails.

2) Keyword Stuffing

The more time a keyword is used, the better, right? Wrong, Google calls the overuse of keywords or long tails as keyword stuffing and will penalize the site by drop it’s rank. It’s important to play by Google’s rules, or you will be punished. As a general rule, a keyword or long tail should not be used more than five times per page. Also, it should be used at least once in the title.

3) Link Building

One way Google determines how well a site ranks in quality is through links. A link should only be made to quality sites. Many times if a person mentions another site and lets the owners know then they will politely add a link back to the original article.

Be very careful with this. Google will only reward quality links and only a few at that. Make sure the site you link to is not a spam site or one that overuses links. At one time, some sites would over links to other nonquality sites for a price in attempt to increase their rank. Do not try this, Google will penalize you and possible drop your site altogether.

One last word, Google will check to see how often you offer new content. This is vital in ranking a page for quality. Many people add new content at least once a week to improve or keep their ranking.